Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Recent adventures

Last night Louise Howard just invited herself to my house like the cheeky cow she is.
You can see I am not impressed.

Peanut was then brought out to share in the joy.

Later the fear of god was instilled upon when Louise Howard had yet another psychotic episode in her sleep.
This time, at 3am, as I was minding my own business, Louise Howard sat straight up in bed at random.
Of course, as any normal person would, I asked 'what the hell are you doing you freak?'
To which I received an answer in a foreign language, not once but TWICE. Now don't ask me what language this was, because it was nothing of this earth. I promptly told dear old Louise Howard that she had lost the plot, to which I was told 'OH BE QUIET' whilst she lay upside down on the bed with no pillows, stole the whole duvet and went back to sleep. Disgusting behaviour from a disgusting individual.

Moving slowly on, we briefly visited town this morning where Louise Howard could not control her food urges.
This was followed by a trip to see Alfie!


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