Friday, 21 February 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland

Our little adventure to Reykjavik on the 5th Feb.
We were off to a great start when we had to get to Gatwick on the day of the London underground strikes. Somehow we managed to make it, and no body was surprised by yet another transport problem in the dreaded hellhole of London.

We got to Reykjavik quite late, at about 11pm, and took a transfer bus to the hotel. One thing to say about Iceland is that everything is incredibly organised- they pick you up and drop you off anywhere you go.

The next morning we were up early for some Icelandic horse riding :)
We went on a 2 hour ride on Icelandic horses, around the lava.
Unlike England, there is no rule to get on the horse from the left, so I got on FROM THE ICEY GROUND on the right side ALONE. Achievement number one. My horse was called Vaka, she was lovely, and enjoyed being at the front, which suited me.
Smurf's horse was "loving life" but was actually a bit of a nutjob, however Smurf was a true natural in the saddle.

We rode up and down the mountains on ridiculous layers of ice, but the horses were going for it and never slipped. We also got to experience 'tolt' which a gait pretty much unique to this breed. More pictures of this will follow when we receive them from the company.

The afternoon was spent in Reykjavik 'city centre', if it can be called that, as it's more like a small town!

Accidental view we found when we got lost..



Frozen pond.. 

That evening we were supposed to go to the Northern Lights, however the weather was bad so we rebooked for the following night, and went to sleep LOL.
The next morning we were up early again for the Golden Circle tour.

Geysir park 



That night we went in search of the Northern Lights, along with coachloads of other randoms. 
We drove up into the middle of no where and got out on an apparent mountain top. I'm not even exaggerating when I say it must have been about minus 6. We waited for about an hour and nothing happened, so we got back onto the coach. We'd only been on the coach about 5 minutes when the tour guide got back on and shouted 'QUICK! NORTHERN LIGHTS!' So yes, we saw them. 
It was hard to take pictures though LOL, this was my best attempt...

After two hours sleep that night, we were up at 4am for the next part of our adventure, to Stockholm...


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