Friday, 31 May 2013

Japan 2013: Tokyo & Kanagawa

The full adventure!

After a nice flight with 3 seats to myself I arrived in Tokyo.
First night I nearly fell asleep in my dinner in Yokohama China Town because I was KNACKERED.

The next day involved a trip to Meiji Jingu, just for old time's sake, even though I've already been there, I dunno, like TEN TIMES.

Back at Keio University! 懐かしい~
Karaoke because we CAN. 
Hachimangu shrine in Kamakura 

Cayley stuffing her face in Asakusa

The first time for us to see Sensoji out of scaffolding since we first went to Japan in 2009. 
The best part! Reunited with my Northy ♥ 

A quick ride on Sirius.. 

Back to my baby :)

Jeffrey getting excited over Shabu shabu 
Dinner with Jeffrey, Chikako and Mahiro 

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