Friday, 23 November 2012

New York November 2012

Our latest trip to New York!

Well, after an 8 hour delay in Washington DC we finally arrived in NY at 2am.
Don't fly with United Air. Ever.

Day 1 
We went to the Ground Zero World Trade Center site, which was a bit eerie but they've made it nice.

South Tower Pool 
North Tower Pool 
Then we walked back toward where our hotel was. We eventually gave that up and got on the subway LOL, but first.. 

Wall Street 
New York Stock Exchange 
In front of Brooklyn Bridge 
View of Brooklyn 
In the evening we walked to Times Square, which was about five minutes from our hotel. 

Smurf family reunion

Tourists anonymous 
Day Two 

In the morning we headed back through Time Square toward Central Park (which some shopping stop offs along the way of course ;)) 

Times Square 

Getting gangraped by Elmos 

We ARE ON THERE. To the right, next to that circle thing 

In the M&M store, spending our dollarzzzz 

I made a new friend outside Central Park 

Swingin' in Central Park 
Central Park 

Strawberry Fields John Lennon memorial thingy 

Macy's Christmas decorations 
That evening we went up the Empire State, which was right behind our hotel. 

Day Three

In the morning we took the Staten Island ferry to get a view of the Statue of Liberty.

In the evening we took another boat around the island, since we got it free with our Empire State ticket. 
I'm not gonna lie, IT WAS COLD.

Day Four
Our flight wasn't until the evening, so in the morning we walked across to Grand Central station.

Chrysler Building 
Grand Central Station 
Inside Grand Central 
Empire State to finish!

No flight delays on the way home thank god. And Newark airport has some good Chinese food ;) 

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