Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some favourites, and a bunny.

1. Actor: John Travolta, of course :3
2. Actress: Ha Ji-Won 
3. Movie: The Breakfast Club 
4. TV Program: This is a tough one right now... Silk, probably. 
5. Band: The Smiths
6. Singer: Morrissey, duh.
7. Song: Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / Reel Around The Fountain 
8. Quote: 'Send me the pillow, the one that you dream on (and i'll send you mine.)' 
9. Colour: Blackkkkkk
10. Smell: Horse! 
11. Sound: Horses hooves on the road / Alan Rickman's voice LOL 
12. Sight (something to look at): Professor Snape LOOOOOOOOL 
13. Hobby/thing to do when you're bored: Horse riding 
14. Sport: ...Horse riding 
15. Animal: A horse, of course. 
16. Country: Japan 
17. Future Destination: Russia 
18. Place to just hang out: Gorton 


He travels the world! France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Japan, South Korea, the USA. And next, he's off to Russia. The bunny is global!

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