Saturday, 14 April 2012

A selection of random photos, old and new

Mainly because I'm bored and feel the need to spice up my bloglife.

Firstly, the Moscow subway doesn't appear to be half as intimidating as the Tokyo system initially is.

Secondly, my newest cousin, Mason.

Then miraculously, the other day I decided to go through my old Japanese phone, and found a couple of never seen before photos...

There's Northy. Some terrible photography skills by me, probably why this photo has never appeared before. But he's still CUTE;

Also found this masterpiece from when I was working at 東京乗馬倶楽部;

As well as this grand picture of Shinjuku;

And finally, a recent addition: cool to the power of two;

I would also like to add here that after today's event I still do not and will not even condone horse racing and think it should be banned.
That is all.

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