Saturday, 7 January 2012

Exciting times ahead!

This year is set to be more exciting than 2012 anyway.

In May I'm going back to Japan!
First I'm going to Tokyo, where I will be staying with my friend Jeffrey.
Plans are generally to get down to Tokyo Riding Club and see my Northy, for which I am the most excited everevereverevereverEVERRRRRRRR! <3<3<3 
There's also some places I haven't been yet that I'd like to go, such as Myogyo-ji in Sugamo, and a few places in Saitama. I'd also like to go back to Kamakura and Odaiba. Oh, and of course no trip would be complete without visiting at least six seperate Book Off stores!
I'm then hopefully off to Fukuoka to see my friend Fumie for a few days. I've never been to Kyushu before so it will be good!

THEN in October, I'm off to Russia with the one and only Smurf.
We plan for three nights in Moscow, followed by an over night train to Saint Petersburg, where we'll stay for a further three nights.


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