Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Well this is a bit late but um, I went to Morrissey last week and he was A M A Z I N G !
I was fairly near the front, and got absolutely battered in a crowd surge. But it was GOOD.
Favourite was a toss up between 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' & 'First Of The Gang To Die.'

So a few pretty poor photographs, my camera tried bless it.

Videos tooooo!

However, aside from the gig being BRILLIANT, the rest of the day was a bit of a disaster. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.
1.) Airport trains delayed, I had to go to Piccadilly.
2.) Louise Howard charged £29.50 to get to Leeds, whereas I was only charged a tenner.
3.) I tried to get information from the guy at the ticket desk in Piccadilly, who could not speak a word of English. Nice one BRITISH rail.
4.) We got in a taxi at Leeds, only to take the shame of him telling us it was a 2 minunte walk and you could see the building right in front of us.
5.) The taxi driver was in fact lying, and we had to trek.
6.) The support band were crap and went on for 55 million years.
7.) Louise Howard spent half the night in the toilet.
8.) I got beer thrown all over me.
9.) We ran for the 10.35 train back to Manchester. Or rather, I ran for it, thinking Howard was behind me. But Howard was not. Howard wasn't even through the ticket gate. Then strolled at 1mph and we missed the train because this BASTARD wouldn't wait for two seconds. So I abused him.
10.) I lost the straw for my drink.
11.) We had to wait in the freezing station for an hour, with this girl who couldn't be arsed to go and check the train route so just kept asking everyone. No one knew.
12.) We finally got on the train and ended up next to these women who did not shut the FUCK up the whole way.
13.) The train was freezing because the aircon was on, at midnight. Work that out.
14.) Mate, I'm not joking, it took an absolute AGE to get back to Manchester. Including a nice ten hour stop in Salford Crescent, which wasn't even on the same line?
15.) Got back. 60p to use a pay phone? It was 20p in my day.
16.) £1.60 for a drink from the vending machine...... what?
17.) We ordered two taxis, mine came 55 million years before Howard's.

But Morrissey was bloody beautiful so its fine.

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