Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Adventures at Tokyo Disney Land

Right, Christmas is so weird in Japan.
They hype it up all through December, have christmas stuff everywhere.
Then what happens on Christmas day?
7.15am salary man are running to work and kids are going to SCHOOL.
Somet wrong with that.

But anyway don't think I'm going to school on Christmas thanks.
We decided to take an exciting adventure to..

Firstly we met a lifelong idol of mine..

Then we decided it was ample time to get EARS (all the girls got Minnie mouse ears but not me NO, I LIKE TO BE DIFFERENT.)

We decided Stefano should also get some kind of headware, however unfortunatley it took him a while to find the right one...

Eventally however, he managed to find THEE one:


1 comment:

  1. AWWWW
    i want to go
    why wasn't i invited? LOL
    That monkey should have been on your shoulders the whole time if not, in it's own trolley. x x x