Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Alarm clocks and weird little kids.

It's nearly Christmas so classes finish next Monday. Thank goddddd. So much work!
But then ofcourse, exams in January.
But then 2 months of spring break..
Every cloud has a sliver lining.

Moving on, something amusing happened this morning.
I got on the train for Shibuya, and ended up sat next to this girl about 9 or 10.
Anyway, this little kid was a complete geek, sat there doing maths homework at 6am. But whatever. She took one look at me...
Stood up...
And changed seats.
Obviously she thought I was Myra Hindley.
That could easily be arranged, you little brat.
Tell you now if that was my child it wouldn't sit down for a week!
I mean, why would you do that? I didn't smell (this was BEFORE work, so no trace of horse upon me), I wasn't mentally derranged or even paying any attention to her. Might want her brain testing.
People have told me this sort of thing happened before, but this is the first time for me to experience such a strange phenomenon! Do such people think they will turn white if they sit too close? HA. Crazy times.

It's really bloody cold here right now.
Winter in Japan is a lot drier than the UK.
My nose is peeling everywhere oh dear.

Anyway I'm currently in my dorm and some idiot has gone away somewhere and left their alarm clock on down the corridor. Thankfully I cant hear it in my room. But I can hear people knocking on the door and complaining. Well obviously, they're not in genius. Either that, or they enjoy listening to alarm clock sounds on itunes?


  1. Think you might want to smell yourself again.

  2. lol why dont you talk to your mum about closing her legs once in a while, i can smell the fish from here.

  3. :| no that'll be the sushi you're surrounded by.

  4. if you knew anything BITCHFACE youd know sushi wasnt fish.

  5. *googles* okay it'll be all the sashimi you are surrounded by.

  6. well arent you the king of the castle smartiepants. shame you use GOOGLE AS A CRUTCH, EL CRIPPLE.


  8. tough ya moose
    all you're getting this christmas is a punch in the gob and an invitation to join ya dad swimming in the you know what of you know where.