Monday, 16 November 2009

火事です!NO. NOT 火事. SHUT UP.

I got off work at 12 today because of the rain.
Its not the same in England, but here, if there is a downpour, basically no one rides. All the customers cancelled. They don't take the horses out in the rain.
So I just did some cleaning and some bonding with Northy of course. He wasn't in SUCH a depressed mood today, because he got spoilt with his carrots ;)

Anyway kind of glad that I finished early, thanks to LAST NIGHT.
There I was minding my own business, sleeping. Went to bed early, cause I had to get up for work. At 11pm, some almighty booming voice is in my room saying something in Japanese, and some siren thing.
It stopped, but I got up to see what the hell is going on.
Then it started again. Just some guy going 「火事です。火事です。」('Fire. Fire.')
Only there was clearly no fire, since some people from the next flat up were just running up and down the corridor laughing like brainless idiots going "HEHEHEHE KAJI DESU!!!"
......It wasn't funny when the announcement said it. Certainly wasn't funny when it had been repeated 394832948329 times.
Eventually everyone just went back to bed.
At midnight it came again.
Still no fire.
Dont know what happened but theres now some ultra cleaning team bleaching our kitchen. Perhaps the TV exploded.

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